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It’s hard enough keeping up with the changes in life, but trying to do so in the job market is even more challenging. About two years ago, we saw major changes in the global work environment due to the pandemic. Now, it’s clear that companies need to be adaptable and their employees, too. If you’re wondering how you can improve your CV, grow your career, and future-proof your job prospects, it’s time to start focusing on upskilling yourself.

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Improve your career by upskilling
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What is upskilling?

In general terms, upskilling refers to self-directed learning opportunities that improve your professional knowledge. It’s important to know that upskilling isn’t just limited to improving your technical abilities. Upskilling is also a process that builds upon and advances your existing skills. It can be utilised by anyone and passed on to others. For example, you might take a coding workshop to build on your programming knowledge, or attend a virtual conference to learn about emerging industry trends. Upskilling is different from reskilling because it’s not learning new skills to do a different job.

Why is upskilling important?

The world of work is changing at a dizzying rate, with the rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation. Employers are increasingly looking for workers with the right skills to complement their cutting-edge technology, but what exactly are these skills? In the 21st century, post-Covid employee is expected to possess digital skills. The importance of upskilling is in that it creates an opportunity to build your career in line with the latest job market requirements.

Benefits of upskilling

Future-proof your career

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Transferable skills will help you prepare for the future as the demand for skills changes. For example, the online marketplace is a rapidly growing industry right now, so look into that! When the pandemic was officially recognised, many companies were forced to switch from traditional systems to digital in order to stay afloat during lockdowns. This means that many of the most in-demand jobs of the future can be done remotely. With the right skills, your opportunities can be boundless.

Improve your confidence

Learning something new does more than just develop your career. It can also boost your self-esteem and motivation. Setting aside time for your personal development will not only have a positive effect on your individual life, but it will also greatly impact your career opportunities. Newfound confidence in yourself will help you learn more about yourself, and you may gain clarity about what motivates you or look at your career goals in a different light. 

Transform how you work

Upskilling will transform how you work and the quality of what you produce. It will make you a more valuable asset to your employers and clientele as well. These new skills will also help you be more productive and efficient. You might, for example, learn how to prioritise tasks better and use your time more efficiently. Becoming a better digital citizen will help you improve at managing multiple platforms and tasks. In the end, your employers will love your work and clients will come back again and again.

It opens you up to opportunities

The more you learn, the more opportunities will be available to you because you will become more employable. There are many ways to upskill and different routes to develop your confidence and become the best potential employee. If upskilling seems daunting, it might be worth starting with something you are already familiar with, or a course or task that’s short and quick to complete.

Enhance your work life

You might feel bored and unfulfilled at work because you’ve been doing the same things for a while now. Learning new skills like software development can help you make your work life more interesting and productive. Plus, if you decide to take on new responsibilities as a result of those skills, you’ll have something fresh to look forward to.

 How to upskill yourself

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The best way to upskill is by equipping yourself with skills that will allow you to stand out in your field. Many would recommend a well-organised and academically rigorous course, but what if you have no money to pay for one? The good news is that there are a lot of websites that offer free courses. Some of these websites include:

LinkedIn Learning



Google Digital Skills For Africa

Be one step ahead of the other candidates by gaining more knowledge and skills. Browse through the courses and training available on Job Mail to find the right one for you. Already upskilled and looking for new job opportunities? Register your CV on Job Mail and find a wide variety of jobs to apply for.

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